17 January, 2006

A fox and a dinkle dinseed joke

Truly! I forgot to say. My friend Emily, on Sunday, had just been bemoaning the cancellation of the hunt in England, saying it was the work of a bunch of dopey Liberals who weren't even aware that the people they hurt were the Little People in the country who set up the hunts, not the landed gentry who hunted. "Honestly, we need the hunt. Emma and I saw a fox in Hammersmith the other day, in broad daylight." "Oh, Emily, come on, I'm the Queen of Writer's Embellishment, but you can't get even me to believe you saw a FOX in central London. It must have been a large dog of some kind," I protested. "Seriously," she said.

So we're driving home and John's just navigating the last few
annoying one-way streets to our flat, when in front of the car flashes... a FOX. Sorry, Emily, you were right. A FOX!

Then this afternoon in a crowded pizzeria I'm reading Avery's school notes for parents, catching up on what's happening. Remember the Turks and Chinese complaining about the backyard noise? Well, Mrs D was announcing the official measurement of noise produced, AKA the acoustic survey, and I mentioned this to Avery as she manhandled her tendrils of mozzarella. "So there's to be an acoustic survey," I said, and she looked puzzled and said, "What would they ask, just things like, do you have a glue stick? Or what do you use it for, your glue stick?" "Not a GLUE STICK survey, an ACOUSTIC survey," I said, and then we both laughed so hard we could hardly breathe. My family will understand the subject line of this post! Never ending fun, conversations with children.

John is off to Vienna tomorrow for his first business trip since we arrived. I asked for some tiny sausages in a can and Siggy's siggy. We'll see.

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