26 January, 2006

Launderers of Distinction

Happy Birthday, Janie...

Now, if you're living in Mayfair, lah-di-dah, and your child is a Form Four student at King's College Preparatory School, you owe it to your husband to have his shirts done at the Buckingham Dry Cleaners and Launderers of Distinction. It was truly hilarious; I asked our beloved porter Bob Jackson where the nearest cleaner's was, and he pointed me in the right direction, but since my sense of direction belies the integral word "sense," I was soon quite lost. Have no fear: a quick call to John and he was on the internet for "dry cleaners Mayfair" and talked me through it like long-distance emergency surgery. My own personal GPS system! Anyway, I found the cleaner's finally, and I have to say, I love the place. Would you have a singlet you need cleaned? Don't know what a singlet is, but it'll cost you 2 pounds. There's also a Day Dress listed. Hmmm, was I supposed to change at 4 p.m. upon arriving home from school pickup, for my Late Afternoon Dress? Anyway, it would cost 12 pounds 50 pence, so I don't think I can afford the elegance.

So I am in enormous crush conflict. There's my original crush, to whom I feel a lot of loyalty, Matthew Macfadyen. He is lovely of course, I've resisted finding where he actually lives so as not to stalk him as I did John Malkovich in our first London sojourn, where by God if he was buying sausages in the Fulham Road so was I, day after day. No, this crush was going to stay much more head-in-the-clouds. Until I saw "In My Father's Den," Matthew's latest cinematic effort, which I would hugely recommend. Tiny no-budget New Zealand film, gorgeous emotional range, really well-cast, sad family relationships. So I was in major crush renewal mode until... our porter came on the scene. Porter meaning super in New York, the guy who will be here to meet your British Telecom guy, the guy who tells you there's no problem with seventeen bags of garbage. He's my dream, is Bob Jackson. Love him. Took chicken soup to his office today but there was no one there, so I left it on the doorstep. Do you suppose he ate it? Or the wandering bobby giving out parking tickets?

Avery today said just about the cutest thing. She was concerned about not doing well in French, although frankly (hee hee) she got 10 out of
12 correct on her exam, so who's complaining. She said, "I suppose I can't be good at everything. I was learning today in science about electrical circuits. It turns out if one bulb can't work, but the circuit is still functional, the remaining bulbs get stronger. So I wonder if maybe I'm better at Latin because I just am not good at French. The bulbs get brighter."

She's thriving. John's thriving. I'm getting bored being at home with boxes, where my biggest challenge is to get the vacuum cleaner to hook up properly, or to convince the kitties that the new litterbox and its new location is just as appealing as the old box and the old location. Tired of it! I'm also really knowing I'll hugely miss being able to chat on the phone with John's mom and dad who are in St Barths after tomorrow (one place where you really do not have to have your mobile phone with you at all times), and I've got to send my darling niece Jane her first birthday present, can it be a year since February 3...

OK, to sleep on a welcome Thursday night, because tomorrow morning I can...nap.


Library Lover said...

yay bobo! yay bobo! author girl! i''m so proud of you1

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