29 January, 2006

name tapes

Did any of you grow up in the East, or in England?  Because apparently if you did, you grew up with name tapes.  Rather, your mother did.  I recently went online to Cash's, the place for such essential English items, for name tapes for Avery, that is little cloth tapes with her name embroidered on them in preparation for the eventuality that she loses some article of clothing at school.  In fact that's already happened, the dreaded full-outfit exchange with Lily which resulted in no cardie for several days.  Anyway, I ordered them, and paid 50 pence extra to have a horse embroidered on each one.  Well, they came.  And my punishment was to have to sew one of them on every blessed item of Avery's school attire.  Shirts, skirts, jumpers, coats, swimsuits, dance costumes, socks, tights, track suit sweater and trousers, whatever.  Urgh.  Kind of cute, though, in a foreign, "we'll never have to do this again" sort of way.

Anyway, apparently English children all have them for school, and all my Eastern friends had them for the obligatory eight weeks of summer camp.  Geez, I barely survived one week of gymnastics camp at eight or so, no name tapes involved, or at least my sainted mother didn't complain about sewing them on.

I'm contemplating a much nicer week.  Just rubbish to get taken away, and then, furniture to be bought, and then...OH NO!  I have to get a life!  I can no longer pretend that being 1) class mother at school, or 2) someone about to close her gallery or 3) someone about to settle into a new country house in Connecticut, or 4) someone about to move to a foreign country, or 5) someone who just did move to a foreign country... can classify me as someone with something to do.  Soon my desk will have a printer, my phone will work, my kitchen appliances will work, my child's backpack will every day without FAIL be packed with its proper stuff.  And then what?  I had better find an occupation.  Well, there is editing the beloved cookbooks written in the 40s by my Connecticut friend Anne's mother, Gladys Taber, and writing my own (whose overall concept needs a much better blurb than I've concocted so far, for anyone to buy it).  And then I heartily hope to receive you all as guests soon.  So there's that.

Meantime, I just found out my darling parents get to travel to Connecticut to celebrate Baby Jane's first birthday.  How we wish we were there.  We did select the perfect present, however, but I can't telll you because that would be...telling.

Monday beckons so must to sleep.

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