31 January, 2006


I think we're getting a cleaning lady tomorrow! I just finished vacuuming with my fabulous solid-gold Miele machine, however, and things look pretty good! John's in Zurich tonight so Avery and I are planning a visit to the video shop on the way home from school, and a popcorn and movie evening. She went off to school today slightly distressed at having forgotten (of course, it was I who forgot, evil mummy) her gloves for skating, but mollified at the prospect of getting her Level One badge. We caved to pressure and bought her her very own skates, which should help.

I've got to go pay the ransom for John's shirts at Ye Incredibly Expensive Dry Cleaner, so more later.

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Library Lover said...

Oh yes,and the ransom for school at Ye Crazy Expensive Taxi Ride!!!