10 February, 2006

almost forgot Avery's achievements!

Avery had two red letter milestones this week: she was awarded the
coveted Pen License from her beloved Mrs. Bickley, which puts her in
the category of gulls allowed to use pen instead of pencil, with all
the rights and privileges thereto! The License itself must still be
laminated, but the privileges have been extended already.

Furthermore, she received her Level One skating badge, the one she
earned last week on her sick day, unfortunately, missing hearing her
name read out at assembly. The actual badge is red and impressive,
and needs to be attached to something. Apparently some of her
colleagues attach them to their backpacks, but in that case it had
better be iron-on so I don't perforate my finger trying to get through
layers of ballistic nylon. I think better is to sew it on her games
jersey. We'll work out the finer points over the weekend, at which
time I must also sew a missing button on her overcoat, a task that
occurs to me precisely once per day: as I'm buttoning her up in the
morning. Then I don't think about it again till the next morning.

I just got off the phone with my family in Connecticut, everyone
gathered together (except Joel, the hedonistic boy, having a massage!)
to enjoy Jane's exploits. How we miss them all.

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