08 February, 2006

my birthday

A sunny day! The first in ages. The British, who are famous for
being perpetually astonished by the weather every day, were well and
truly stunned today to see the sun.
Spent the day walking, walking, walking, as I decided to see "The
Constant Gardener"
, with my old crush Ralph Fiennes before he was
supplanted, and GEE! Much too scary. Really violent. But a good
plot, and he was lovely, but really too scary for mushy me. Tried to
walk home but got hopelessly lost and saw Buckingham Palace from fully
three different sides, several times! Hailed a taxi and told the cab
driver it was time to put my case in the hands of the professionals.
He sympathized and said that it had taken him three years to "do the
knowledge," the incredibly precise training London cabbies do so they
know places like Dunraven Street, a cool two blocks long, when a New
York driver could easily ask you how to get to Broadway and Spring and
MEAN IT. Becky brought Avery home from her playdate, with gorgeous
flowers for my birthday! And a really sweet note. She is truly a
good friend, even though both Anna and Avery lost their homework,
about a "papillon" that I heard a lot about at dinner, feeling good
that unlike with maths homework, I actually enjoy remembering French.

Avery has a new babysitter! The gorgeous Katie from Chicago, here on
a University of Notre Dame scholarship for finance, sharing a flat
with three girls in the Edgware Road, tall, sophisticated, lovely and
friendly. So shocking to find she's turning 21 this weekend. I am
trying to remember 21 and failing! To think she could be my child
quite easily. She will pick Avery up each Tuesday at school and
they'll have some adventure. Guess what the first adventure is Avery
has planned? To come home and meet the cats. I think the strain of
moving and adjusting comes out in funny places with Avery. Every once
in awhile she reveals how hard it has been, but not directly. "Anna
has not had trouble putting her earrings in every weekend, like I
have, but then she has not had to unpack." As though Avery has done a
thing to unpack since about day two. But she must be absorbing the
strain. If only through her earlobes.

Our two big pieces of news: we are going to see David Suchet in a
play, "Once in a Lifetime," at the National Theatre on Saturday! And
two, we're going to Rome for Avery's half term break next Wednesday.
Today dropoff was rife with discussions of destinations: Zermatt,
Tenerife, the Seychelles. Ah, the drama!

I have to say how much my package full of microwave popcorn from
Alyssa meant... reminded me that no matter how cosmopolitan a city,
you need your friends when you need your friends. And a People
magazine! How I miss her... Had a long talk with my Uncle Kenny,
staying with my parents this evening, and must try to get ahold of
some of that Reuters' guy's tea for him, he's such a tea buff. They
all seem far, far away tonight...


Amy said...

Hi Kristen,

It's Amy, Avery's jealous babysitter still here in America! Alyssa gave me the link to your blog and I've had so much fun reading about all of your adventures. I miss you all and I wish I could be picking Avery up on Tuesdays, sigh!

Send my love to everyone (including the kitties!)


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! which I realized as soon as I posted this but had turned off the computer in the psych lab.. yikes! I'm glad you had a nice sunny day!

Dewaine Osman said...

Cindy told me that you guys were in London and I would love to catch up with you - but in private. Can you send me your E mail address. Mine is "dlosman@comcast.net". All the best to John and Avery.
Regards, Dewaine