04 April, 2006

Avery and Kristen are homesick

Home from Scotland! Lots to tell about that, but first I must unburden myself and say that both Avery and I have had attacks of homesickness these last few days. For Avery it was the last of three riding lessons during our holiday up north. The best possible lesson, at Lasswad (because once a "lass" "waded" across the swollen river to save the other side of the village!) Stables, but the associations with her old life in New York, riding really well three times a week, were too strong and the poor little thing broke down. "I miss it, I miss it..." As for me, in the space of two days I got no fewer than four emails from Tribeca events: a kickoff dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival, early meetings for Taste of Tribeca, the Spring Auction at PS 234, and a nice email with a funny video made by several of Avery's old cohorts in fourth grade. The sight of scruffy adorable Clark, Zohar, Spencer and Miles jumping about with a huge T-bone steak (don't ask) in Central Park was just too much.

Added to that, with John in Tokyo and Avery at Anna's house for the night, I decided to go all nostalgic and visit Nobu London for the first time. It was just exactly like our old haunt in Tribeca, Next Door Nobu. Toro with caviar, yellowtail tuna with jalapeno and cilantro, spicy tuna roll, all washed down with a fabulous Matsuhisa martini, complete with floating slices of baby cucumber. I felt so sad! Working my way through the luxurious and oh-so-familiar meal, looking up at the sushi chef, a twin of his compatriot on Hudson Street in my old stomping ground. It just is a lesson that no matter how happy you are with your new life, there comes a time when you are forced to think about what you've left behind. Because of course in New York we're not strangers at Nobu, and in New York Avery is riding with kids who were at her birthday party, not people she's never seen before and will never see again. It doesn't mean it isn't lovely to live here, and that I do not value all the excitement, the newness, the happiness of our life here. But it's very hard to remember our old friends, familiar places, the familiar shape of a life you didn't have to build, it was just THERE.

Things will seem sunnier when John gets back on Saturday evening. I think we'll be just about on the same schedule as he, coming back from Sheffield and the jumping championships. Then yet another new stable on Sunday, in our never-ending search for the right barn, the right instructor, the right pony. This time it's to be Wimbledon Village Stables, as far out as you can get on the district line underground. Wish us luck. We miss you all.

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