06 April, 2006

the castle ghost

the dizzy game

Avery reminded me to tell you about the Ghost of Castle Dalhousie, one Lady Catherine, also known as the Grey Lady. According to some literature available in the reception area (something we noticed conveniently at bedtime just in time to creep Avery out completely), Lady Catherine began to haunt the Castle around 1720, having died of a combination of a broken heart and "want of food." Maybe haggis was the only thing on the menu for awhile? According to Andrew Sharp, Castle Steward and Pipe Sergeant, Lady Catherine makes no noise at all, all that is heard is a scratching sound at the doors, a rustle of her skirt dress, and sometimes a light tapping on various doors. Gee, I think that's quite enough noise for a ghost to make! She apparently objects to bagpipe playing, as when Mr. Sharp has tried to play in her presence, the pipes fail to make a pretty tune.

So Avery and I crept around the corridors, getting lost on the way to our room, on the SECOND night as only I could do, but try as we might we did not see Lady Catherine. Maybe next time...

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