21 April, 2006

a holiday all together

Finally! We spent a blissful Easter holiday at Hanbury Hall in Droitwich, Worcestershire (ran out of sauce, decided to go to the source). It's a gorgeous National Trust property, which means that the Vernon family, after over 300 years, decided to call it a day as landowners and sold the house to the Trust, who now manage it as a public property for people to visit, along with its incredible gardens and outbuildings (an Orangery, a dairy, an icehouse, what else could one wish for), and then they have refurbished a two-bedroom apartment inside the enormous house, to let out for holidays. So we were the lucky family this Easter. Such a pleasure to be all together, after our separate Scottish, Asian and Yorkshire adventures this spring break. We simply jumped in a rented car with roughly half our belongings and headed off. More on this soon, but right now I must find out why my washing machine insists that there is one perpetual minute left on its wash cycle, and therefore will not relent and turn into a dryer. My laundry room floor is covered with damp clothes rapidly reaching that sort of permanently wrinkled crunchy state that bodes ill for our sartorial future. Wish me luck.

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