25 April, 2006

my crush...in Tribeca!

This is so, so cruel. OK, so I spent 8 years in Tribeca, living a blameless life, never paying a bit of attention to the Tribeca Film Festival happening just a block away.

Then last year, as you all know to your intense boredom, I get this uncontrollable crush on Matthew Macfadyen, a darling British actor. Then in January I move to London where, hello, he lives. And where does he decide to go? Tribeca. His new film, "Middletown," is a late choice for the Film Festival, and he's decided to go to the premiere and a question and answer session after! How could this happen? Someone who reads this must simply buy a ticket to the April 28th screening of the film and then go see His Lordship at the Q & A. I'm crushed.

I am getting excited for my acting class, which begins tomorrow afternoon. I have a new babysitter, Erin, collecting Avery at school after, coincidentally, HER drama club that begins this week! Between the two of us, John will have a very challenging home life now. Of course we'll have to practice our new skills at home.

OK, I'm off to sulk some more about Matthew and the Festival. Somebody report back to me, please.

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