05 April, 2006

of owls and snails and all things Scottish

Well, it's nearly midnight here in London and I've just finished a spate of phone calls across the pond, designed to stave off my homesickness, and I must say it's effective! Just describing for people what's been happening and how happy we've been makes it hard to feel sorry for myself.

Tomorrow Avery and I have a free day, with no playdates, no travel, no John, so I think our plan will be to visit the Mayfair branch of the public library, brandishing whatever confusing paperwork I can bring with me to prove that I'm either Kristen Curran, or Kristen Frederickson, whichever one I am on a given piece of correspondence through the Royal Mail, and get me an English library card. Then perhaps tea at Claridge's? We have not indulged in that joy since perhaps the second or third week we were here, in no condition to appreciate it truly. Pre-blog! Does such a time even exist?! So more tomorrow about Scotland, but in the meantime feast your eyes on this adorable, dare I say it, picture of Avery on the lawn of the Castle Hotel, and the gorgeous place itself. Bliss.

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