09 May, 2006

the summer hat

I couldn't resist posting this picture, although it's not a great photo per se. But the hat is so cute. You should just see about 20 of the little gulls running along with their hats, swinging their rucksacks (do not even think about calling them backpacks, you American ninnies).

I'm at my desk in complete denial that my function for the day is meant to be installing the individual shelves in my bookcases in my study, and filling them with the mysterious contents of all the boxes still on my floor. I just don't feel like it! Avery and I felt that our morning cuddle this morning was quite a nice little cocoon from which it was entirely unnecessary to emerge to go to school. However. This evening her beloved babysitter Erin (a dead ringer for Katie Couric, which is quite odd, right down to the giggle) will come and do cartwheels with her and eat fish fingers, while John and I go off to the King's College Form Four administrative meeting, at which no doubt major decisions regarding Avery's future will be announced. Mostly I think the staff are befuddled as to what to do with a child whose verbal skills are off the chart, but who shows no marked brilliance at anything else. A mystery. But all the parents are going and so shall we.

OK, no more excuses. The shelves beckon and so off I go.

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