21 June, 2006

we've won the Group!

Whatever that means! But it's clearly good news for England. Isn't this a gorgeous photo by Sam Taylor-Wood? We ended up in a draw with Sweden last night, which was not as good as trouncing their little Scandy pants, but better than losing. All the commentators assured us solemnly that England haven't beat Sweden since 1966, intoning the year as if it were before electricity, which considering I was sitting up in my high chair at the time I found depressing. However. Plus, you've got to get the latest issue of Grazia magazine, a sort of tackier Hello! but on really nice glossy paper which leads you to believe at first that it's a nice magazine. But it's really filled with things like a full-length feature article on the WAGS ("Wives and Girlfriends") of the English footballers, and their antics around the pool in Baden Baden at the World Cup. Honestly, the things I can convince myself to get interested in, if I'm desperate enough.

So that's cool. Now we play Ecuador next. I can't remember when, but I'm sure I'm the only person in the country who can't.

It's official: I feel well now! Thank goodness. There's nothing like a bout of real illness that lasts a fairly long time, to give you an appreciation of just feeling normal. It will be awhile before I am back to complaining that I won't look great in a bathing suit this summer, or that I hate my haircut, or anything else. I'm just glad to feel normal. Maybe we'll even mosey over to the Lucky Spot for dinner this evening. I have my penultimate acting class this afternoon, while Avery pays homage to the latest guinea pig babies who were born at Anna's house yesterday. "They are so cute, Mommy! And you could feel their little parts under the mother's skin, moving around, before they were born." "Gee, I remember that before YOU were born," I said. "Do you remember anything from before you were born, Avery?" "Oh, yes, I remember it was dark and crowded. That was the beginning of my claustrophobia." What a sweet, heart-warming thought. I'm so glad I asked.

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