10 July, 2006

next post: Connecticut

One last sleepover for Avery at Anna's, and I'm nursing a John with a streaming cold (as they say here, along with "heavily pregnant", but not for him I'm pretty sure). We had such a nice time this weekend with a picnic under low gray skies, in our garden, hoping for clearing for Wimbledon, and then that evening with Avery's New York pony barn friend Nina here to watch the final of the World Cup, with her family. Funny to have our first barn friend visit just days before we return! We're tracking the arrival of a long-awaited trampoline for Red Gate Farm, our dear farmer friend Rollie has turned on our water, The Maids have cleaned up a winter and spring's worth of cobwebs, and our friends Anne and David from across the road have put groceries, bless their hearts, in our refrigerator. Bags are packed, cats told of our plans, housesitter left with mail key, books tucked away in suitcases for the long summer in the hammock! See you there... if anything of note happens in Connecticut, I'll let you know, but happily, I think the chances are LOW! Enjoy your summer.

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