13 August, 2006



Didja miss me?

We've been here a month and it has been an absolute joy to be back.

"Back." What to say? Can't say "home," because that's supposed to be London. But it feels like home. This picture is taken from the hotel room where John's living this summer during the weeks, where we had a romantic rendezvous a couple of weeks ago. Bright lights, big city for sure. There are so many differences between London and New York. Number one may well be sheer height. The buildings are so towering, one feels so tiny on the streets. I always forget that, living in Tribeca where everything is London height, but in midtown, namely 34th Street and 8th Avenue where this shot was taken, it's all the Great White Way, and people are dwarfed. And probably dwarfs, too, if it comes to that. That's another difference. Oddity, strangeness, anything goes, is the norm in New York, which I almost forgot. Not that London isn't international, cosmopolitan, etc. But New York? Times Square? Midtown, in July? Just plain WEIRD. And it's all normal.

So we've been back. It's been a huge roller coaster. I may well need a vacation from my vacation because we've been a moveable feast, for sure. I have to admit to a huge identity crisis: whenever I see a photo, on a drama promo on TV, of the New York skyline, I feel a huge surge of "that's my home, that's my town." On the other hand, when all the recent craziness happened with travel, and starting from London, I thought, "THAT'S my home, that's my town, and how dare anyone violate it?" A bit of a conundrum. Of course, only in my life would my loyalties be divided between the two towns on earth with competing BIG RED X marks on them for international intrigue. Sigh. I love both my towns.

I'm going to start another post so we can show another couple of photos!

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