25 August, 2006

Saturation Station

I have had these photos sitting in my draft post box for ages! Ever since Annabelle's sleepover. Avery is obsessed now with the water park where we had our adventures. And so I don't forget, and so you know where to go should you come to Middlebury, Connecticut, it's Quassy Amusement Park, a hundred-year-old park full of dry and wet rides, and provided us with one of the most exciting days of the whole summer.

Until this summer, I had seen billboards for Quassy on the way to Jill and Joel's house, but it never occurred to me to go. Then Avery and I decided that a day of getting really soaking wet, and possibly having a hot dog to go with it, was just the ticket, and that Annabelle should come along. So we packed up our bag of towels and sunblock and beverages, and headed off, singing at the top of our lungs to the Beatles. I must add: musically speaking the summer has been defined by Songs in the Car. If you haven't heard Sheryl Crow's duet with Sting, "I'm Always on Your Side," you must. Avery and I, one day, listened to it possibly 60 times in a row to get two phrases JUST RIGHT. Also, John has exposed Avery to Queen, so she spends a lot of time shouting, "We will we will ROCK YOU," which brings back horrible memories of various after-game high school dances where I never had a date. But the music's good.

Anyway, we sang along and arrived at the park, and spent the next few hours getting sweaty on the dry rides (I skipped the Helicopter, and the MusicFest, but the girls loved them), having that hot dog, and slushies for the girls, getting soaked in the water park ("Over 30 ways to get wet!" the website trumpets). Best of all was, however, the Saturation Station. As you can see, it's an enormous bucket suspended high about the water park, gradually filling with water. 400 gallons! When it reaches a critical mass, it tips over, burying the people underneath in water so freezing you simply have to scream! We all clung together under where the water would fall, waiting in ridiculous fear, then simply shouted our heads off and inhaled a great deal of water, plus stepping all over each other's feet. But it was GLORIOUS.

And it gave the girls strength to go the bumper car route, as well as the famous Quassy Super Slide on a nasty burlap rug that brought back memories of some similar slide in my childhood. And just like then, you get to scrape your arm against some rough bit of the slide as you pelt downward, and have a nice scrape to prove you were brave.

What a day.

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