29 August, 2006

summer memories

I couldn't resist basically a picture post. How can we ever forget the twin foals born at Red Horse Stables? Nor how we found out: Avery and I are such well-known pool rats that when Anne and David had something to tell us, they knew exactly where to go. It was so funny to look up in the sunshine at the side of the Southbury Municipal Pool and see fully-dressed Anne coming toward us, arms practically waving with excitement. "There are twin baby horses in the paddock at Red Horse!" So we dried off and drove away, and sure enough: two little foals. Apparently while it's not that unusual for a mare to be pregnant with twins, it's very unlikely that both will be born safely. So these two are real miracles. We have visited them with loyal frequency ever since.

Then I had to show you the street sign from Mystic, Connecticut, where I took Avery to visit twice, to see Cici. Can you believe it? There's also Avery Corner. Who was this Avery?

But nothing can top the presence of Jane in our summer. Have you ever seen such a creature? We will miss her terribly. Jill and Joel simply have to schedule a visit to London, that's all there is to it. There must be some important sporting event Jill can produce, right? I'll keep my eyes out. How can we possibly spend the next ten months just HEARING what Jane is doing? Will she keep on sitting in her Thinking Chair and Thinking? Will she continue to do touchdowns and find the book of funny faces, and do "happy feet"? No, she'll learn a whole bunch of new party tricks and we won't know. Thank goodness for digital cameras, and pretty soon she can talk well enough to spend lots of her parents' money on extensive transatlantic phone calls. Sob. Jane has greatly added to our literary knowledge this summer, our money being on the heretofore unknown to us Mo Willems, author of such gems as "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus," followed by the even more stimulating, "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late". Perhaps the best, though, is "Knuffle Bunny." If you need baby presents, go for the whole pile.

Well, we're off right now to dinner at the Olive Tree, one of perhaps two dinners out we have had here in Connecticut. It's too much fun to cook, to justify going out. But this restaurant was recommended by Rollie and Judy, and borders two golf courses, so it should be pretty. We had such a nice dinner at Rollie and Judy's house, a real farmhouse meal. Chicken in a mushroom sauce, and then the vegetables! Steamed fresh beans and zucchini, carrots and tiny new potatoes. And I brought pesto, so the boys (Rollie Junior, Chris and Todd) spread it on their bread. Then fresh peach and blueberry pie with a real latticed crust. I don't think I've ever eaten a real pie like that served by the real person who made it! We'll let you know how the Olive Tree is.

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