14 August, 2006

welcome back, Sadoff style

Well, wouldn't you know that my friend Alyssa Sadoff would not let our arrival in America go unheralded. We had all arranged our picnic lunch at Red Gate Farm for the first Saturday after our arrival, and I was more than prepared to barbecue, whatever was needed. No! Alyssa immediately announced that the lunch would be coming from none other, none less than... KATZ Deli, the be all and end all of Jewish proper food from New York! So she arrived our first weekend with scads of pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, cole slaw, potato latkes, applesauce, the whole nine yards. Thrilling! Jill, Jane and Joel came, as well as Anne and David from across the road. A beautiful afternoon, kids on the trampoline, popsicles, Baby Jane in her wading pool.

Possibly nothing surpassed the happiness, though, of our arrival that first evening in Connecticut. Thanks to the generosity of Reuters for our "home visit", we were picked up at JFK by a lovely car and driver, and spent the ride to Red Gate Farm on the phone with our families, letting them know we'd arrived safely. As we approached the farm, our hearts quickened, and we rounded the little hill toward the house: lights blazed everywhere from our neighbors' determination to welcome us home! Farmer Rollie and his wife Judy had left homemade scones, peach and blueberry jam, and Anne and David had stocked the fridge with eggs, juice, bread, hummous, everything we needed to settle in. And there were Rollie and Judy gifts of flowering geraniums all over the terrace and front porch. We were officially HOME.

I will never forget the feeling of utter calm, flopping onto my old quilt upstairs in our bedroom, looking up at the dormered ceilings, candles burning in the windows, realizing in some dim way that one CAN go home again. LOVELY.

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