04 September, 2006

from one world to another

Is it just me, or is it really odd to move from one life to another in the span of about 12 hours? One afternoon we were having one last trampoline session with Jill, Joel and Jane, and by the middle of the night we were back in our flat in London, greeting the kitties, kissing Becky and Anna hello, and in general turning into COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Trading one set of friends for another, one kitchen arrangement for another, walking everywhere instead of driving, standing in the "queue" instead of the "line" and swapping one wallet's contents for another. Becky came instantly and reunited the girls, who are as you can see thrilled to be back together, complete with Nintendo, collections of Sylvanians, and speculation about the new school year. Tonight's task will definitely be to empty the rucksack of all scary Form Four detritus (gee, could I have done that in July? I have to hope nothing was alive when I last saw the contents), and refilling it with a working fountain pen, the proper number of pencils. Thanks to the indefatigable Dorrie, all Avery's uniform bits and pieces are in a state of supreme readiness, so as of tomorrow morning, the random amalgam that is Avery's raiment today will be replaced with that angelic and pristine version I got used to last year. I have to say I approve!

I'm sitting here on speakerphone, subjected to a totally annoying sort of salsa music, on terminal "hold" waiting for someone at CityLit to answer my call and get me registered for "Screenwriting" and "Writing for Children," which will keep me out of trouble for at least part of the day, once a week. A nice little minion employed by the landlords is outside watering the flower boxes, the Indian fellow across the way is busily engaged in his endless task of washing the black BMW that sits at the entrance to whatever unlabelled embassy or consulate it is over there, countless black cabs are trundling by my study window, doubtless taking people to their romantic posts at the American Embassy around the corner, my desk is piled with two months' worth of life details that will eventually claim my attention, but right now I'm catching up on my darling crush actor's fansite (somehow he and his career survived over the summer with no input from me, how sad) and petting the incredibly needy Tacy, who has forgotten that her catsitter Kate kept her happy all summer. Wimsey, thanks to Kate's ministrations, seems at least marginally functional, and in general life seems quite livable. Once I get Avery and all her clobber off to school tomorrow morning I can turn my attention to our dinner guest for the evening (I think I'm making chicken curry with orange and carrot sauce, which for some reason is exempt from John's usual strictures against fruit and meat together). It's good to be back.

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