02 November, 2006

another fabulous school choice

In my quest to accept the fact that Avery will not be in preparatory school forever, and that this development is in fact a good thing, I arranged our visit last evening to The Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith, and it was really quite thrilling. Beautiful building, nice lively girls, a very sound and sensible headmistress. I looked at Avery sitting between us, listening to the headmistress's address about testing, interviews, first term, all those intimidating things, and there she sat, in her "pony face" attitude, completely elegant and composed and much more in charge of herself than I was. John, too, looked happy and comfortable. It's only I who would rather everything stayed the same.

Tomorrow is the Big Day. She finally has two numbers in her age! I am thinking, without really even wanting to, of ten years ago, waiting for her arrival, sick and tired of waiting, half again my normal size of 100 pounds! Walking through drifts of fallen autumn leaves on the New York sidewalks, trying to imagine what it would be like to have someone in our house. Bringing home the last bouquet of pre-baby flowers, I remember white gladioli all over the house, and looking and looking at her little set of shelves with piles of white clothing since we didn't know she would be a girl. Rushing finally to the hospital after walking miles and miles in labor, to the flea market, out to brunch (the last meal!), calling our parents, John giving me a pedicure since I could not reach my feet! Packing the funny antique leather suitcase with things we ended up not even using because twelve hours after she was born, we were back home, with guests for dinner. What? Yes, guests for dinner. Everyone passing the baby back and forth, her tiny starfish hands waving from the white blanket and her enormous red lips taking up all her face. And all three cats, now dead and in their places new cats, waiting for her to come. Ten years. How did that happen? Four apartments, three schools, two countries later, we've arrived at the big 10-year-old birthday. Wish me luck surviving the influx of both 21 children, and lots of emotion, tomorrow afternoon.

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Amy said...

Send all my love and happiest birthday wishes to Avery! Hope everything was fabulous today! (Or yesterday, since surely it'll be 11/4 when you read this!)