14 November, 2006

two more blogs for you to enjoy

Don't you think Keechie looks better? I think things are looking up in her wacky little life.

Just briefly, must not get obsessed with my blog today, but I had two more to send you to, one who writes as "Bon Vivant," and is very chatty about food all around the world, but particularly in Los Angeles, and another who calls herself "Kitchen Sister," and promises to provide you with a meal suggestion for every blessed day of the week. She is acerbic, witty and very much a lover of life and food.

Both these lovely bloggers, as well as of course Laraland, have been sending readers to me, so I thought I'd return the favor... It's so funny: "Laraland" says today how much she is looking forward to the Christmas Lights ceremony in the High Street on Thursday. Of course, that's where they will announce Avery as the Christmas card design contest winner! Probably Lara and I will bump into each other several times or fight over a parking spot, and not recognize each other in the slightest, of course. The internet is an odd thing.

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kate said...

Hi Kristen! Nice blog! I love reading about food (and seeing gorgeous photos of it) so I'll be checking in! I've only been to London once, but it's a great city. Very cool!