09 November, 2006

a very cool blog

Not that we have candles burning in the hydrangea tree at all times of the year (OK, only on Christmas Eve if you have to know, buzz kill), but I am thinking of John at Red Gate Farm today and am feeling nostalgic. He emailed late last night to report that the stream is nearly flooded from the torrential East Coast rains yesterday and that everything is peaceful and lovely there. Sigh. I bet it is.

Now then. I have barely ever read anyone else's blog, because please remember that I am extremely self-centered. However, in my recent quest to get more readers, I googled some blogs, about London, about food, I think that's as far as I got. Mostly because I got sidetracked by one extremely well-written blog about being a mum (or rather a person who is a mum) in London, "Laraland." She has kindly posted about my blog, so I shall return the favor. If you do nothing else today, go on her blog and click "photos", then click "May." I'm not providing a hot link here because I think you will enjoy going to the whole blog. But that one photo is worth the whole price of admission (bear with me, it's free, but you know what I mean). Her photographs make me sick with envy, but then a person who posts a picture of her camera probably has more invested in her photographic skill than I have I, who has none. She mentions, so I will too, that it is funny to think of our passing each other in the Waitrose in the high street, or sipping coffee next to each other at Patisserie Valerie. It is a very small town, after all.

I can't dilly-dally another minute. Got to go slave away at the Michaelmas Fair. See you later.

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