24 December, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's finally here: Christmas Eve. Our friends have arrived, hugs have been exchanged more than once, the merest beginnings of gossip relayed and received (a week will by no means exhaust Alyssa's and my appetite for this topic), the cats have been mildely terrorized, Avery and Annabelle have listened to all the music of "High School Musical" more than once and sung and danced, a mammoth lunch of ham sandwiches with Wensleydale and Red Leicester cheese, red onions, avocados, tomatoes, and fresh Thai basil and cilantro pesto has been eaten. "A Christmas Carol" in rather unexpected humorous tones has been taken in (although some audience members who shall remain nameless but were severely jet-lagged, slept through the second half). Someday, I promised, I'll tell Alyssa how it ends.

Home to oyster stew, the first presents of Christmas Eve unwrapped, Elliot's nap in my new plastic orange boa (don't ask) enjoyed by all, and the elder Sadoffs (not very elderly to be sure) and Master Elliot have whisked themselves off to their rented flat. Avery and Annabelle watched "Olive, the Other Reindeer," and then we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas," "Santa Mouse," and "Pussycat's Christmas," and they are sound asleep, tucked up with numerous hot water bottles. John and I are madly finishing last-minute things with thousand of interlocking identical parts, while Hermione chases tissue paper and ribbon. In other words, it's the last throes of Christmas Eve. Cookies, milk and carrots await Santa and the reindeer on the window sill.

How WONDERFUL it is to have our friends here.

A joyous and peaceful Christmas to all of you and yours...


Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy (even with a boa)!
Also, I love the picture of the girls - they do look thrilled to be reunited.

Santa C. said...

The little boy looks like he is high on oyster stew - but to be fair, the oyster stew is absolutely amazing!

Harry H. said...

The girl with the glasses looks just like her mum!