27 December, 2006

life is good when...

Well, when a couple of things happen. I'd think of ten and make a Top Ten list, but I'm too tired. For starters, it's awfully nice when one of your oldest friends comes to visit and brings... companion holiday socks. And then your mother takes the mirror off the kitchen wall where she normally checks her hair (awful) before school dropoff, and turns it into a holiday village for the table in the sitting room.

Can our friends stay here forever with us? One of my most favoritest moments in life ever (I can't foresee much happening before I die that will change this) is sitting on the sofa looking at the Christmas tree, listening to Annabelle and Avery play "Outrage," the game sold at the Tower of London gift shop (along with 4 million other things your child CANNOT live without), while "A Charlie Brown Christmas" music played in the background, and John and Steve sat in the kitchen debating the relative merits of Marks and Spencer canned cocktails (very few merits, as it turns out, as I can attest having reluctantly sampled the Harvey Wallbanger, oh my it should be against the law) and torturing Elliot, making him smell John's socks and beg for mercy. In the background simmered bolognese sauce, although I had been almost too tired to make it. "Just order Chinese, Kristen," Alyssa advised, while the kids clamored, "Bolognese, bolognese..." "But it's up to you, Mummy," Avery allowed. To have small children beg is really compelling, so I caved. "You made a good choice, Kristen," Elliot solemnly assured me. Alyssa sat next to me and moved buttons and snaps on Avery's favorite grey skirt so she can continue to wear it in the New Year, and I just sat and felt happy to have everyone around me.

More tomorrow, but all is well here. How was your holiday?

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