05 December, 2006

quick admin blog note

Here's one thing I'd like to change about my blog: if I start a post, and then need to save it as a draft and come back to it later (like when I have a good picture or link to include), my template puts the new post back in time, to the day I saved it as a draft. So although I posted yesterday (and a really busy, informative one, I have to say!), the blog page has put it behind "sticky wicket." Anyway, I wanted you to know, in case you went on to see a new post and didn't see it and wanted your money back. Perhaps when I feel better I'll do some research.

That's all I'm allowed to say because I was felled in the night by a giant and wicked (yet blessedly brief) stomach bug. I woke this morning too sick to do anything. I couldn't even see the funny side (well, maybe the fact that I had to drop Avery's braid in the middle of braiding and simply collapse, so I wonder what her hair looks like now). My wonderful husband has taken over all my responsibilities for the day, with strict instructions for me to stay in bed. So back I go...

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