08 January, 2007

the perfect bite

I really should be helping Avery rinse her hair in her bath... but I just have to tell you what is the best thing to eat while you're cooking dinner. The secret? It's a purloined bite.

You know you're meant to be chopping the thyme for your tomato sauce, and you are. And you know you've peeled the perfect avocado, drizzled it with juice from the plumpest lemon, and quartered the perfect tiny santini tomatoes for salad. But then your eye travels to the little green Pyrex bowl of sea salt, and before you know it, you've sliced a little bite of avocado, swiped a quarter of tomato, brushed them quickly against the remnants of chopped thyme, dipped the whole lot in the salt and... perfection. Enjoy your dinner, whatever it may be!

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