31 January, 2007

Save Borough Market

I don't believe it. My family used to joke and call it the "Frederickson curse," that everything we developed an addiction to got cancelled, discontinued, dropped, whether it was a television show, a favorite perfume or soft drink. But I'm sorry: Borough Market?? I just got here!

Seriously, John has sent me an email with a link to a "green" blog discussing an absolute impossiblity: apparently planning permission has been awarded to some horrid railroad group to run a new train track RIGHT THROUGH Borough Market! This can't happen. Just my luck: the place has been running since 1550 and I get here just in time to see a baggage car replace my favorite butcher. We've all got to sign the petition on this blog. One Southwark official put it just right: taking away what matters to the residents for the benefit of people who are, literally, passing through. I can't bear it.

As if to thumb their noses at this possible horror (funding has yet to be found, and maybe we can keep that from happening), there's a new foodie show about to start filming, every day, from the Market. I adore Clarissa Dickson-Wright, one of the proposed hosts, in particular, ever since "Two Fat Ladies" aired, and perhaps a little star power will help our cause. And hey: maybe "Kristen in London" helped "Save Ratty", one never knows. Blog power!

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