01 January, 2007

To Buckingham Palace We Go

Can I just say how wonderful it was to see her riding to see the Queen?

OK, picky, picky, just to see the Queen's house. Here's this for a virtual hotlink survey of the whole day, so you can plan your next trip to Hyde Park Corner...

Off they went, from the Rotten Row in Hyde Park, through the gates of Wellington Place at Hyde Park Corner, under the Wellington Arch, down Pall Mall, all the way to Buckingham Palace. And Kirsty Nye, the lovely head of the stable and daughter of the founder, let her ride ahead several times so we could take pictures. The sky was blue, the air crisp (after last night's soaking and the previous night's blowing frenzy). Quite gorgeous.

And... just yesterday her New Year's Resolution had been to ride "Wodehouse," one of the horses she had yet to experience at the stable. And who did she ride today? Yes indeed. Actually when we met up with them in the Row she was on Rowan, happily cantering away in the sunshine, doing their loops and special tricks. But they then all switched ponies so the ones who had already been out got a rest and were ridden home, and the fresh ponies got to go to the Palace. So then she was put on old P.G. (don't forget to pronounce his surname "Woodhouse"!), and happily rode away. We decided that enough embarrassment was enough, after they circled the Palace enclosure, and left them all to ride back on their own. What a day...

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