03 January, 2007

watching movies with a child

Well, first off, I have to thank two of my readers, Helen and Sue, for pointing out that in my latest post, I had the wrong BBC radio celebrity's photo to represent Matt Harvey! He's the proper man now, I'm fairly certain. Gee, way to kick off a crush. I wouldn't even have known the man if he came up and bit me. Although that would be a clue.

Now then, we've been spinning down the days of the long Christmas vac by watching movies. One was my new copy of "Holiday Inn," which made us laugh because it's a version from Hong Kong, possibly not even a legal copy (I feel bad if so, but the seller on eBay posed as being from Britain, which my savvy husband tells me is common for pirated Hong Kong videos). Avery and I ended up watching about half of it with Chinese subtitles and trying to catch what characters meant what. I'm sorry to say it was very entertaining.

Then we made it all the way through one of my favorites of all time. Honestly, this made me laugh so I could hardly stop. I decided that since I received a practically gold-plated DVD of "Gone With the Wind" from Jill and Joel, and remembered that I was ten when I watched it the first time, it would be a nice thing to watch it with Avery. There's Gerald O'Hara, bleating on about Tara and how Scarlett should revere it. "And to anyone with a drop of Irish blood in them, why, the land they live on is like their mother. It's the only thing worth fighting for, worth dying for. Because it's the only thing that lasts..." I mused, "Maybe that's why Daddy's so obsessed with real estate, because he's half Irish?" Avery snorted. "'Because it's the only thing that lasts'? That's ridiculous! All Daddy does is sell it!"

Then, up comes the prison scene where Scarlett is dressed in her curtains (remember the Carol Burnett sketch, "I saw them in the window and just couldn't resist them!") and prancing about, trying to convince Rhett that all is hunky-dory at Tara and she hasn't a care in the world. He falls for it, and is kissing the backs of her lily-white hands, remarking on how lovely she looks. Then he turns over her hands to kiss the palms, and there finds... Avery said, "Oh no! He's going to see what she's written on her palms: 'Note to self: get Rhett to give me $300!'" After I stopped laughing, I explained that what he really saw were all the blisters and burns from her hard farm work. Silence. "Oh." Then, "Plus, probably they didn't have Sharpies back then. Because they're the best for writing on your hands."

Well, we're off to see "Casino Royale," (since he helped Avery with her homework!), despite my fears that it will be too scary for me. But everyone from Becky to my blog friend Lara think it will be fine. Avery is at "Flushed Away" with Anna, so we'll all have cinematic stories to tell.

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