03 February, 2007

Happy Birthday, dearest Janie

Thinking about two years ago today, getting a call in our New York apartment, a snowy day, just at wakeup time, and it was Uncle Joel, telling us our niece had been born: Miss Jane Grove, no middle name as all Frederickson women are. It was but the work of a moment for Avery and me to pack ourselves up, drive up to Cheshire, Connecticut (I don't think we got lost more than three times) and be in time to hold baby Jane, just eight hours old, and see Jill, looking radiant and beautiful, and Joel already behaving like the authoritative and loving dad he is. How tiny she was, just stretching out the length of my thigh as I sat down, and how adoring her cousin Avery was, and is. We miss you and love you: see you in just a week!

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