09 February, 2007

see you later, London

It's that holiday feeling again (didn't we just do this?). Half-term pickup with the air full of romantic whispers of holiday destinations: Cali's off to Norfolk, Ava to Yorkshire, Anna to Leeds and points beyond, and then there are the Continental types. Gigi to Val d'Isere, Lindsay to Zermatt, Sophia to the south of France. And we, well, we're neither English nor Continental, so... it's off to New York we go! The horrid school uniform has been flung into the suitcase to be worn at Cici's school, and Avery is chic and casual in her holiday clothes. You got your flared jeans, your distressed t-shirt, your little knitted shrug. She's ready for Virgin.

And many, many books have been crammed in amongst the presents we're taking back for everyone (would you believe 10 rolls of Polo mints for the ponies on Tuesday? plus British Skittles for Avery's dear former babysitter Amy, because did you know they don't contain animal gelatine and are therefore vegetarian-friendly? neither did I). And biscuits and lemon curd and everything British for our friends across the pond.

So next report: the snowy wilds of Red Gate Farm. And the exciting thing? Between now and next weekend, we'll get to see so many of you!

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Sarah said...

Great blog - will visit again. Hope you have a good trip.