05 July, 2007

last day in London

We're off! The bags are packed, the kitties kissed, the last laundry load and dishwasher load done, summer homework in the suitcase, ready to go. To think: we'll be at the little farmhouse with the red gate, in just a few hours, waking up to birdsong and friendly neighbors, horses up the road and goats and lambs to be petted at the farmer's around the corner, chipmunks running under the terrace and Gary the groundhog to eat scraps of melon left for him. Swimming at the municipal pool, dinners from the grill around the picnic table, I can't wait.

I'll let you know how things go, plus I've got to tell you about our last frantic days here in London. A tantalising titbit (as they say here): Avery won both the Latin Cup (shades of last year!) and the English Prize at Prize Day. We couldn't be more pleased. But more on that from the other side of the pond! See you there...

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