26 July, 2007

a little rest

Well, I honestly can't think that much is going to happen in the next few weeks of interest to anyone looking for "Kristen in London," namely because I'm... not in London! We'll be back there September 1, and if anything cool happens here, or I cook something of stupendous novelty, or Avery achieves anything noteworthy, or John gets a job, or I get a publishing contract (I'm trying to think of really outlandish scenarios), I'll be on the horn. Until then, I'm going to catch a few zzzzs...

Let me know if there's anything I need to know!


1 comment:

Duston said...

I was cleaning up my bookmark list, actually looking for an online student I will be working with this fall- she set up a blog for us...anyway- I couldn't delete your site and got a little hooked reading it.
Are you in London still- for long? Forever?
Jon-Marc and I did three weeks in Argentina and it was such a treat to flat out vacation and only take pictures. Emma is living in the East Village, she's in Tisch- Kate is working in photos at INc magazine, and I'm still in my barn...painting as if the world isn't spinning.
Send me a recipe for catching up with a dear friend-