14 August, 2007

the fabulous birthday for my mummy

Things are hotting up here with family, let me tell you. John's parents arrive tomorrow evening, after Alyssa's family is here for the day, and a day after my whole family was here for my mummy's birthday. Got that? Just take a look at these granddaughter faces. What could be a better present (complete with yellow ribbon from the balloons decorating the seesaw)?

It was one of the best days EVER here at Red Gate Farm, long sunny hours spent chatting, some of us in the kitchen creating meatballs, some of us on the terrace creating paper dolls, some on the seesaw shouting, "not so high, Uncle John!", and some using the trampoline as a most unexpected lounge lizard venue... yellow balloons everywhere (my mother's favorite color), blue, BLUE skies, green lawns, red barns, glasses of ice-filled pink lemonade, gossip and four-parted conversations about all the same topics, and games of high-stakes Aggravation (New York rules!). The perfect day. More on that later, but suffice it to say: "Happy Birthday, Mona." We love you.

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