18 November, 2007

living life (at fast forward speed)

Much more tomorrow (or the next day, as something reminds me that I promised a friend to help her cater some enormous political event tomorrow?!). Since I wrote last I've had countless teas, coffees and lunches with blogworthy friends, we've been to an amazing concert at Royal Albert Hall, survived Michaelmas Fair, and of course...

We have had a fabulous birthday celebration weekend for Avery in Somerset (10th century castle ruins as our venue! guarded over by a 14th century house that we actually stayed in, guarding my first real... MOAT). The girls came, they unpacked with abandon, they saw Exmoor ponies as you see, and they jumped in sloshy mud to the extent that their boots had to be... poured out, upside down. I have never seen such mud.

I must collapse. We dropped off one girl, then Avery and me, I rushed to bake chicken, steam broccoli, soak some beets in balsamic vinegar, mash potatoes, and DINNER once Avery was scraped clean-ish in her bath. Now we're all wilting. But what a weekend. I wish we could keep Anna and Jamie, her intrepid girlfriends, forever.

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