16 December, 2007

are you sitting down? it happened AGAIN

Can I just say? I of course must leave the Marylebone High Street now and then, I suppose: to eat, sleep, see my family, suchlike. But may I remind you all that it was a mere few months ago that, while on an innocent kitchen-supply shopping trip there, I saw... Matthew? And today... fate smiled on me once again. Let me explain.

In the third week of December a mother's thoughts turn naturally to Christmas shopping. And, as well, to rehearsals for the Form Six Mums' performance of "The Sussex Carol" at tomorrow's school Christmas concert. We mothers turned up at school for what I can tell you was a tear-producing, at least for me, event. To enter the gorgeous Georgian proportions and carved plaster that make up the music room, to hear the piping voices of so many gulls raised in song... I almost just sat down and cried. Their little hands tugging at my legs as I walked by, "Mrs Curran, I read with you!" from gulls who would rather die, normally, than acknowledge they've ever seen me before. Miss Potts clapped for attention and said sternly, "Now, gulls, I know this is very exciting to have your mums here, but may I ask you PLEASE not to turn around and gaze at them?"

So we sang. I recovered my wits. Mrs D appeared and we were all silenced. Shannon next to me said, "We have an AUDIENCE." We were prepared. It should all sound divine tomorrow. If I can stop weeping. I was able to pat Avery's head as I walked by. Then it was onto... shopping.

Becky and I braved the wind and entered a shop that shall remain nameless for Christmas surprise purposes, when I looked up from a rack of adorable girls' skirts and sweaters and I had to grab her arm. "It's Matthew! It's Matthew!" I shrieked in an undertone, and she looked up. "Oh, my gosh, Kristen," she was kind enough to say in commiseration, since I cannot in all sincerity say that she would care, but for being with me. And, dear readers, let me describe his appearance, just so we can all picture him.

VERY tall and very slender, with that Tom Quinn jaw we all know and love. Could his hair have been highlighted? Spikey and short on top, but longer in back. Glasses, yes. Jeans, a jacket, not a coat although it was frigid out, and a new-looking pair of those Tom Quinn wingtip leather laceups we're so familiar with. He gazed around, met my eye (again!) and still, I did nothing. Rooted to the spot! Although I had the sense to continue to hold the hanger in my hand, and not simply drop to the floor. The shop wasn't crowded and everything was so charming that I cannot imagine why he didn't stay to shop (what with a little girl of his own! but to each his own), and I swear I did nothing embarrassing to drive him away. Still, it made me wonder greatly what it is that drives him to shop in MY high street! Too, too thrilling.

Well, I have a simply divine recipe for meatballs stroganoff to tell you about, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Yes, my dears, I did take time off from contemplating my amazing luck to cook and eat and clear up after dinner. Such things wait for no... Matthew. But it was LOVELY. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely for you Kristen!! If you have time DO come and post about it at MMO - you know how we all love to share these encounters with our dear Matthew!!


Mrs. Malcolm Darcy said...

You are the luckiest woman in the world because

1) You've met Matthew.
2) You get the opportunity to live in Britain.
3) You get to work in the foodie world, but don't have chef's hours.
4) You've met Matthew.

If you ever need an assistant or a nanny who
1) loves all things British and Austen
2) loves Matthew
3) can ride horses
4) has a husband who's a chef
you know where to find me.

Kristen In London said...

Thanks, Mrs Darcy: but you know: I don't know where to find you!