01 December, 2007

La Caricatura, redux

First, I must credit the lovely photograph here to a wonderful specialist webpage: this man really loves truffles. I sometimes find that learning this much about a food ingredient can... put me off, so I have not delved very deeply into his work. But I think it's a gorgeous image, and I've never been able to afford enough truffles at one time to TAKE a photograph, so more power to him.

Well, last night was Friday and as such, everyone was tired. We had Avery's dear friend Jamie with us, and had taken them both to the skating rink. The din! The bad cooking smells! The crowds. They had their lesson with beloved Nicky (who is a saint, full stop), and then had very little interest in sticking around. I had arranged for us to go hear Christmas carols in the neighborhood, but we emerged from the skating rink into a dank drizzle that, as we headed home (the Mini stacked to the GILLS with backpacks, skate bags, gym kits, etc.) developed into a steady downpour. It was but the work of a moment to decide to stay home, and our dinner out turned into dinner in. John bravely went to fetch pizzas from La Caricatura in North Audley Street, and I must say: it was SUBLIME. Let me explain.

Now last year at some time this lovely new pizzeria opened up and so naturally we went. And as I reported, that last visit yielded the information that the service was spotty but the food really good. Now I am very sorry I can't report any news on the service since we took our pizzas away. We intended fully to visit! Next time. But in any case, I would have put up with a lot of waiterly inconsistencies had there been any for... the truffle pizza. Called the "Simone," you simply must RUN there and have one. The moment wet and unhappy John entered the kitchen and opened the box... the aroma! The unbelievable aroma. Of course the girls were also in heaven with their margherita and quattro formaggi, but we knew the real truth: it's truffles or bust. We both agreed we could have eaten a pizza EACH. Sad but true.

So head straight over there, and order the Simone. But also have the carpaccio di manzo, because while it's nice takeaway, a large part of the appeal is in the lovely presentation at the restaurant itself. Huge slivers of parmesan, perfect rocket, and the beef itself as fresh as can be and so tender.

Thanks, Caricatura, for brightening up our damp and dismal Friday night. We'll be back.

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