07 February, 2008

The Giggly Pig

No, sadly I did not take this lovely photograph (the BBC did), nor have I any access to an actual Saddleback pig. But I must tell you who does: The Giggly Pig Company. Let me tell you more.

It's become my Thursday ritual to stop at the dull but healthy-ish Pret a Manger in Hammersmith in King Street on my way to my writing class. There I sit eating my blameless half sandwich (I do love that they offer a half) and a miso soup, watching the world go by in the farmer's market outside in the square. Well, this particular day I felt perhaps a vegetarian, no-carb, no fat lunch was in order, so not even a half sandwich! Just a salad. Well, all that went by the wayside when I wandered through the market looking for a chicken or beef purveyor for Avery's dinner while we have scallops, and there I came upon "The Giggly Pig." The most charming, apple-cheeked, central casting farmer girl was there flogging her wares, and most convincingly because she was cooking up sausages right there and cutting them into bite-size pieces with kitchen shears, all the while keeping a running patter. "Pick up a stick there, now do, madam, and try this Stilton and Asparagus. Hot out of the pan, just right for a little nibble. Or there's also the Lime and Sweet Chilli, or my personal favourite, the Jalapeno. Made from our own Saddleback pigs, you know. Don't be shy now."

I wasn't! I tried them all, and ended up after some serious indecision with the Jalapeno. So look for this company at your local farmer's market: they appear at over 20 markets throughout greater London, from Epping to Dulwich. Just lovely. They will be perfect for tomorrow night's dinner in Wales, with John's mom! That's right, she's winging her way her from Iowa right now, one hopes, winter weather notwithstanding, for a much-needed two week visit. Right after half-day pickup tomorrow at school, we shall head out, with a dish of macaroni and cheese at the ready to pop in the oven when we arrive.

So I believe I shall be radio-silent for the next week. No internet access where we're headed, if you can imagine! I don't think we'll mind. After the past six weeks or so of pressure, sorrow, drama, more pressure and RAIN, we all need a holiday. A week, think of it, with no schedules, no goals, no wardrobe requirements. Just family, long walks, lots of cooking, and... hot water bottles. You know when the Landmark Trust warns you the house will be cold, the house will be COLD. See you in a week!

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Enjoy those landmark properties are amazing !!