21 February, 2008

on tenterhooks

This is not, by the way, a tenterhook. It appears that in the entire pantheon of images in Google, there is not a tenterhook. There is only the expression, "on tenterhooks." Well, fish hook or no, this image will have to suffice. Tenterhooks we are on and there shall we stay until the delivery of the post in the late morning tomorrow. Then, all six school letters shall arrive beginning either with, "We are thrilled to..." or "We regret to say..."

I must say that John's mom's presence has greatly enhanced our survival of the last week's ordeal. Her energy! We have been to the Tate Modern, we have been to the National Portrait Gallery, we have been real estate shopping, we have been food shopping! She is indefatigable. And the best company in the world. We have eaten at home (the best chicken salad I think I've ever made), we've eaten out (the best Indian in London I'm convinced).

But I have no time to tell you about these things! Nor about my near-genius presentation (I speak entirely objectively) at the King's College Parents' Education night this evening, on "From Proficiency to Passion: The Joy of Reading Aloud to Your Child." No! I have no time to discuss these fascinating subjects because I must go to sleep and get rested for... school notification. You'll be the first to know. And then it's full steam ahead, blog-wise, on our Wales trip and our frantic week of making London so appealing that we can convince my mum-in-law to move here... But more on all that later. To tomorrow's POST!


chicago_seeker said...

I do hope you received good news in the mail today and that Avery was accepted into the school she liked most. Good luck!

Patti in Chicago

Kristen In London said...

Hi Patti!

Thanks so much for your comment! Avery was acccepted at ALL SIX schools. We are THRILLED. What a relief. xxxxKristen

Anonymous said...


You'll have to email me and let me know which one!!
Congrats Avery!!!

Alls well here and Ben is getting to be so big!

take care!

Joy in Indy