13 March, 2008

being green can be fun

Yes, I've been trying really hard to tuck a reusable shopping bag in the bottom of my handbag, so I don't have to take any plastic bags at the supermarket or farmer's market, even spur of the moment. And, much more fun but almost equally green, are these milk bags from Waitrose. You buy a little plastic jug one time, and then you bring home these darling little bags and slip it into the jug, and voila! It's apparently 75% less packaging than a carton or plastic bottle. And the milk tastes lovely as well.

We're off to Avery's skating lesson, then she'll change her clothes lightning fast in the car and we'll race to Marylebone to get her friend Sally, and then race to the Globe to see "Much Ado About Nothing," armed with a picnic of sandwiches: Parma ham with Double Gloucester cheese, homemade chicken salad with tarragon and red onion, and salt beef with mustard. Plus pears and tomatoes, should be nice. I'm trying to picture if we will have time once we get to the theatre to sit out and eat, or if we should have a nosh in the car. I can't believe we've lived here for two years and have never been to the Globe. Except to visit it, closed for the season, when John's Shakespeare-mad lovely sister came and insisted that we go! We have just standing tickets, so fingers crossed the little sprouts with us will be able to see anything but people's trouser pockets.

Theatre is much on the lips of our household today, because Avery had an audition this afternoon at an acting agency and was not only taken on as a client, but they already have a role they are putting her up for! I'll tell you more when I know, but suffice to say she is chuffed to bits. Gobsmacked! Tomorrow morning we must fill out reams of paperwork, drop it off at the agency, pick up the script, videotape her at home reading the part of the princess (naturally) while one of us reads the other part, and race the tape over to them. Apparently casting is well underway but they feel she's right for the part, so they're going to get her in under the wire. Exciting! I told her I was actually very pleased that is such a very, very bad violin player. "Why is that, Mommy?" "Because as Lord Peter Wimsey said to Bunter about bell-ringing, 'I'm always pleased to find there's something you CAN'T do."

Right, off we go for our whirlwind of activities. TGIF!


Anonymous said...

We used to use bags of milk like that in Romania in the nineties. All the westerners mocked it as poor packaging....what a laugh to see it being marketed as new trendy 'green' packaging.

Interesting blog, by the way....

Kristen In London said...

Hi, and I love the idea that these trendy trends come from somewhere. Perhaps in Romania it was a matter of necessity? There may not have been enough plastic to waste? Or were you all environmentally sound even in the nineties? Thanks so much for reading.

S. said...

Kind of like today's trendy organic food is basically the pesticide/hormone-free food that our ancestors used to eat as the norm.

Now they sell what should be normal to us for twice the price because it's "naturally grown."


Kristen In London said...

Exactly! Have you heard about a book called "In Defence of Food"? The author's name escapes me, but the gist is that if we only would eat the way our ancestors ate, we'd be perfectly healthy. It's all the imitation/replacement/enrichment nonsense that gets us into trouble. Here's to butter, I say. Margarine? No way. Thanks for reading!