11 November, 2008

quick amendment

For the lunch salad: I intend COOKED (as in tinned, since I rarely cook my own pulses) black beans and lentils, not dried. Just rinse them and drain them well! You can of course cook your own, by all means. But this recipe intends cooked. Sigh of relief, thank you Rosemary!


Rosemary said...

So, I had the salad for dinner tonight made with the cheapest tuna, no olives, French beans instead of sugar snap peas and it was great. I'm putting it down to that lovely peperoncino oil that you gave me. That stuff improves any dish! I may have to do it again tomorrow with the rest of the beans and lentils.

John's Mom

Kristen In London said...

oh, I'm glad to hear that. I am a tuna snob. And I've recently splurged on a bottle of Carluccio's peperoncino oil and... no contest. Our old brand is still the best!