11 February, 2009

p.s. on salmon recipe, plus a question

I must aver that the salmon was FABULOUS and has contributed in no small way to my feeling on the road to recovery tonight. But I should add that I include about 1/2 cup chicken stock in the sauce, added at the same time you want to whisk in the creme fraiche and cream.

Here's a question: you may find that in baking, the sauce splits ever so slightly, at the edges of the serving dish. By split, I should clarify that I mean a slight granulation of the texture, not so severe that one would call it curdling, but a slight not-perfect texture (does not affect the sublime flavor). I think we could bake the salmon on its own and pour the sauce over it from the skillet, when serving, but would that lessen the delightful moist-ness of the salmon itself? It would surely lessen the infusion of brandy and cream into the fish, which produces a delicate but pervasive flavor. Try it, do, and let me know.


Anonymous said...

I'd try this for you but, since I'd have to substitute something for the creme fraiche, it wouldn't answer your question anyway. I have to say it sounds like a good thing to do with a bit of salmon. Lucky John!

John's Mom

Kristen In London said...

Oh, shoot, what about on a post-Minneapolis visit sometime? Get a lot of salmon and creme fraiche and invite somebody lucky... John did say he would be more than happy to get that dish in a restaurant ON a special occasion! High praise indeed.

Katherine said...

Hi Kristen. This is not about salmon....I remember your xmas blog about Avery's favorite book The Mysterious Benedict Society. I just finished it last night and it was wonderful. At some point soon I hope to get the sequel. As much as I like reading about your love of books about cooking, I am more of a fiction person myself. Has Avery read The Green Book by Walsh? It is short but one of my favorites.

xoxo Katherine Mojzsis

Kristen In London said...

So nice to hear from you, Katherine! Seeing your name brought back so many happy memories of... felt. I've been thinking a lot of the gallery, for a variety of reasons. Happy days, most of them.

I just ordered "The Green Book" for Avery (and probably for me too). It looks like just her thing. You must get the sequel to TMBS, although Avery says I have to tell you it's not quite as good as the original. She asks if you've read anything by Pseudonymous Bosch? The first one is called "The Name of This Book is Secret." She loved it.

What art are you making these days?

Katherine said...

Hey Kristen. I am teaching high school art and 4 of my 6 classes are jewelry/metalworking I solder, drill and saw with 90 teenagers a day! I have been doing this for just over and year and am seriously considering getting a second masters in metals. I have been making a lot of rings and pendants which relate to my works on paper. Whenever I get around to having them photographed, I will send you some images.
I will check out the books you mentioned. All my female students are Twilight obsessed. So funny.
Let me know how Avery likes the book whenever she gets around to it.

Kristen In London said...

Katherine, your work sounds fascinating, and anyone, frankly, who can work with high school kids deserves a (forgive the pun) medal. Metal work sounds very satisfying. Do send me images.

I ordered the book for Avery! Will report. thank you!