28 August, 2009

my personal shuttle

More tomorrow, perhaps, but just to say how ODD it is to have spent today on one side of the Atlantic, beachcombing in magical Rock, Cornwall, with one of my closest friends, and to have spend LAST Friday in the exact same way, on quite the OTHER side of the Atlantic with ANOTHER of my closest friends. What kind of life is that? A very lucky one, for starters. A couple of photographs to set the scene, then I must to sleep, as only two days ago I had just returned from America and I am still feeling overwhelmed... can't seem to remember what beloved people are where, what bed I'm meant to wake up in (and I don't intend that in the very exciting way it sounds!). I keep finding myself struggling to remember who I left where, what conversation I had with whom, and we didn't even do any drugs! It's just life that's leaving me shattered. But in a good way, and I'll be back in the saddle, no doubt, by tomorrow afternoon, especially since Avery just called, in a most grownup way, to ask how our drive was! Leaving her in Cornwall... a wrench. But she's with Annie, so all is right with the world. My world at least. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, everyone.


A Work in Progress said...

I love that gray sweater!

Kristen In London said...

Me too! It has kept me cozy all over the world. Ralph Lauren, from my dear mother.